During a period of self-reflection leading up to the New Year, David develops an unusual disorder and becomes determined to put an end to it.
“T'shuvah'' - often translated as “return” - is a multi-stepped process that includes reflecting on our lives and thinking about where we’ve “missed the mark,” admitting that we’ve made mistakes, apologizing to others, and acting in a better way. It is a period dedicated to returning to the best of our authentic selves and finding a deeper understanding of our place in the world.
Awards and Screenings:
World Cine Fest – Official Selection 2022
Film In Focus – Official Selection 2022
Ukrainian Dream Film Festival – Official Selection 2022
Rome Prisma Film Awards – Best Leading Actor
Florence International Film Festival – Official Selection 2022
American Jewish Film Festival – Official Selection 2022
Producer Cathy Huyhn

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