Sasha, the younger daughter living in the Canadian countryside, welcomes her family to her home after they have recently escaped Ukraine after the outbreak of war. The tension between her family members gradually builds until things reach breaking point.
Produced by  FYA Media House
Producers Bianca Rose Cheung, Nastasja Sedisheva & Patrycja Mila Kamska
This is a story capturing one immigrant Ukrainian family as they struggle to come to terms with their new “normal” and start a new life in the rural countryside of Canada, in wake of the Ukrainian war. At heart, it's the journey of a fractured but loving family reconciling with their past and confronting their uncertain future.
I'm compelled to tell this story because it is based on my own family and the events they went through in the months following the invasion of Ukraine. My father uprooted my whole family from Kyiv and brought them over to Vienna to keep them safe.
This is my letter to them and millions of other families who faced similar circumstances.

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